4wd Service Melbourne

When most of us arrive back from a holiday, we unpack & wash the 4WD, we then take the car to the dealer for a service. The dealer is unaware that you have been out bush & that you have gone through creeks & rivers & been through lots of bog holes.

We ensure WE ASK THE QUESTIONS. People don’t comprehend of the expense a 4WD can be if they are not serviced correctly. We make sure to check your wheel bearing seals, your tail shaft seals, your gearbox & transfer case seals & all the other items. We go over your car so that when you leave the 4WD workshop you can be certain your car has been thoroughly check & serviced.

The fine grit & muddy water can tear seals apart; with a little preventive maintenance you can avert expensive repairs & an make sure your vehicle is safe for the next trip.

9 George Crt
Greensborough Victoria 3088
(03) 9432 7500