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Road Worthy

Drc Automotive is a VicRoads Licensed Vehicle Tester. If you are selling your current car, it is essential that you get a road worthy certificate in order to get you car transfered to another owner. Or if your car has passed the compliance date where it needs to have a roadworthy done every year. We

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Experience the Difference

At our Greensborough service centre, we are capable of providing you with personal and professional auto repair services that you will not find anywhere else. We are honest and upfront about all of the service that needs to be done on your car and we will provide you with a list of recommendations and a

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No1 Car Services

Being a specialist in regular and warranty service for prestige vehicles, DRC Automotive is a perfect partner for your vehicle. Our team is manufacturer trained in all of the major luxury brands and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality service and mechanical repairs for your vehicle.

Greensborough Car Service

All major manufacturers of modern vehicles employ complex computerised systems to run the car and monitor all of its functions. It is extremely important that the mechanical repairs and maintenance are performed by qualified mechanics with the aid of the right diagnostics equipment, knowledge and experience.

Get the Best from DRC

Try to pick a quiet time If you need to chat to your garage about something, try to pick a quieter time – late morning or early afternoon –  rather than first thing when cars are being dropped off, or early evening when they’re being picked up. Be specific If it’s a ‘service’ you want

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Brakes Disc Drums

Discs or drums? Braking creates a lot of heat which has to be dispelled fast. The more open design of disc brakes makes them much less susceptible to overheating. It’s normal to see discs at the front – providing most of the braking effort – and cheaper drum brakes on the rear to provide the

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